Saddle Up! Ride the Skies…

Yee-Haw!  Giddy-Up!

This was not my only initial thought when I saw this!  I know, initial thought is the 1st thought, but there were so many bouncing off the walls of my skull, I cannot pinpoint the one, very singular thought that started the bouncing super-ball motion in my brain!

  • The World’s Largest Broncin’  Bull Ride?  …while riding the bouncy clouds in the sky?
  • The World’s Most Expensive Roller Coaster Ride? …with wings!
  • Sardine Can!  Don’t lose that key – you know, the one that rolls the top back!

The list goes on but I won’t bore you.

Skyrider saddle seat

This is a link to the picture:


This quote is absolutely fabulous! 

The Skyrider is styled on saddles used by cowboys in the Wild West – the makers claim you can sit on a horse for long periods of time and not feel discomfort.

I haven’t ridden a horse in Y-E-A-R-S!!!  But…the person writing this must have lost his/her mind!  In addition, they probably have never mounted a horse!  Picture this.   You have never ridden a horse then being forced to ride for an hour or two.  The bottom side of the anatomy does become stiff and sore!  …ever ridden a bicycle with a bad seat or saddle?  How did you feel then?  …similar!

The white plastic “box” under the seat also solicits strange thoughts.  Is there an apparatus you hook up to this to make it a “potty chair”?  ‘Cause I sure don’t see how you would get out of your seat if you had an emergency!

I have heard “1/3 the weight of the traditional seat” with a comment about saving fuel.  In that same breath, I hear, more room for luggage, more room for passengers. 

Honestly, I am no Einstein but it appears there are some things that have not been thought through.

Which is it?  Do you want to save fuel?  Make more money by allowing more baggage?  Which by the way makes the thought of a nudist camp more inviting when thinking a where to vacation.  Oh, sorry!  I didn’t mean to frighten you!  Will they make more money out of our misery?  By fitting us in this tin can with wings, giving us a whole twenty-three inches – get that?  COMFORT IN 23″!  My vote is for the last thought.  Unless they use a combination of all the money-making ideas.  Just doesn’t seem logical to conserve fuel.

Tight fit: A man tries out Italian company Aviointeriors' new aircraft 'standing seat' which has 23 inches of legroom at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Long Beach, California

Here is a link to the picture!


Instead, just FedEx PeoplePac me!

FedEx PeoplePak Team

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As much as I love to fly,

until I get that dreamed of license,

I may just stick with

“the wheels on the ground” approach.


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