Sassy Entertainment

Honest!  My Garage Sale is not an attempt to bore you! 

Day #1 of the garage sale was a success!  Believe me when I say there is still enough “stuff” to have a full day on day #2. 

Three of us stayed busy all morning and into the afternoon.  Thank goodness my Mother called the night before and said she will be here to help.  Hoorah for Mother!  I didn’t even ask for her help.  Mother’s just don’t get any better than this.  (Love you Mother!)  To be honest, there is no way this could have happened without her help.  She has always thought of herself as a non-sales-person.  Well, I think she has missed her calling. 

She decorates beautifully!  When someone would pick up one item, she immediately would be showing them another that would compliment the one in their hand.  Me, I was in a “git-‘er-done” mode.  Sometimes I didn’t know which way I was going – but since when is that new?!

We did have a little entertainment though.  The lady in “blue” was interesting.  It appears she decided to shoplift.  I wouldn’t have minded if it were something of mine, but it appears she took something that belonged to another customer!  Now that’s low!  Had it been anything of mine, I probably would have given it to her.  My purpose of having this garage sale is two-fold; (a) a little money and (b) to get rid of the “stuff“.  She wouldn’t have been the 1st person I gave something to.  Oh well, some people…

What is/was your Sassy Entertainment for the day?


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