Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

Wow!  I am not an expert in Garage Sales…infact, I think it would be easier to sell the garage!  Did I mention it’s attached to the house I’m renting?!

How do professional garage sellers do it?  Geeeeez!  The house has been a wreck for two weeks.  There is a path through the garage.  My level of confusion is rating at about 110% right now.  This will be day one of two big days! 

Then there’s another dilema, the pricing factor.  Some say start at half the original cost.  Others say to price cheap.  Don’t price cheap.  What’s a girl to do?!

Money!  Money!  Money!  I want money for all the hard work going into this!  More than that, I want it (the stuff) to just go away.  Let’s put the math to this.  Two weeks work and money spent for making this gig work, and if I make about $200 (and I hope for oodles more!)  That would be about 2¢ per hour.  Ok!  You caught me!  I’m not good at math!  Personally, the donation method is sounding really really good to me.

Garage sales for me are tough though!  Only have had one other garage sale in my life.  I am still in the training wheel stages, and I’m not too sure I wanna’ grow out of them!  Let’s see.  There is the price of poster board, tags, and the garage sale fee.  I tried to have this silly sale for three days!  I think here they are afraid three days in a row will indicate I am making a career of this bonanza.  I’m already in the hole and the doors haven’t opened yet.   Ahhhh…that old addage – “You have to spend money to make money”!  Can I shoot the guy that thought that one up?

This year the Trick is to pull this thing off.  The Treat will be when it’s all over and eveything is gone!

Cheers!  Here is to a Sassy Garage Sale!

Come One ~ Come All!

Oh!  …and bring your money!


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