Sky Lights, Boxes and Epsom Salts

I love my little new-to-me house!  Actually the house was built in 1920 so it’s almost a century old.  There is something special about old houses that tug on my heart-strings.  They also have so much character with the occasional squeak of a stair or the bathroom that’s the size of the kitchen. 

Ahhhhh!  The bathroom, the next best room in a house after the kitchen!  Now for me, the bath so much more than the porcelain fixture that sits in the corner.  The tub is its crowning glory.  I have never seen a bathtub like this one.  No, it’s not a jacuzzi but all it’s missing are the jets and hot water.  When I sit in this baby, the rim comes up to my shoulders. Just above the tub is a sky-light.  I think I will love this too unless a helicopter decides to hover over my roof!  It also has a separate shower.  What more could a girl ask for?!  …oh!  the hot water to go in it! 

My poor landlord, he worked on the hot water heater all yesterday afternoon.  There’s some regulator-thing-a-ma-jigger that keeps the pilot lit on the hot water heater.  After replacing everything except the tank itself and this thing-a-ma-jigger,  still no hot water.  But bless his heart, hot water will be forthcoming later this morning.

There’s still stuff in storage, boxes sitting next to the stairs that need to grow feet and climb by themselves, and other boxes, boxes stacked in neat little towers that are headed to the garage or the basement.    My cute little enclosed porch has empty boxes tossed awaiting a box knife and motivation from the owner….hmmmm…I guess that would be me.

The boxes will just have to wait until I have hot water and Epsom Salts!


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