The Dirty Dozen

Have you ever heard of Dr. Andrew Weil?  He is a well renowned for his expertise in wellness and natural health.

In this video, he addressed the pesticides in our food and what they may do to our human body.

When we go to the grocery store we truly don’t know what we are buying.  It always feels like a gamble.  Buy veggies in a can and the cans are lined with plastic containing BPA.  I know I don’t heat the can but what is the canning process?  How hot does the can get in the truck?  Does it get hot enough to release the BPA?  Buying fresh always seems to be the way to go but then you don’t know what pesticides are used.

My solution – for me, is to grow my own food and preserve it myself.  Next in line are farmer’s market and to actually talk to the owner/operator.  Ask questions about his or her use of pesticides.  Due to seasons and time constraints, that’s not always possible though.  The third best route for me seems to be to buy organic at the grocery store.  First, the wallet has to allow this.  Secondly, there is so much controversy regarding the label of organic.  There are not set rules.  It gets way to confusing. 

Sometimes the whole situation makes me want to throw my hands in the air and say “I give up!”.   But you already know that is not my nature. 

To access the Dirty Dozen list and the Top 15, click here.  Instead of memorizing the list and trying to remember while you are in the grocery store, print off the list, laminate and hang from one of the reusable bags you take to the store with you.  My favorite mantra is “Work Smart – Not Hard”.  I try to be selective regarding what I store in my brain…leaves more room for the really must remember stuff!  Oh, if you are more techie than I am and have an iPhone, there is an app available. 

Click here to see the list of 49 Fruits and Vegetables and their rankings.

(This list is updated annually as the pesticide applications vary from year to year.)



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