They Really Love Me!

When you are kids, you really take siblings for granted.  You don’t always know it, but you usually do.

Then one day you are all grown up and everyone goes their own way. 

Over the years, we have been many miles apart.  That was me, the one who went the distance; you know, Kansas, California, Maryland, Ohio and back home to Texas.  Now my siblings are disappointed.  So is this lady!  I will miss them terribly!  We don’t fight like when we were kids.  We actually share a mutual friendship.  That means more to me than I think they could ever know.   (Thank God for Alexander Graham Bell!)

I moved back home to Texas because my Mother tried to play Humpty-Dumpty.   My Grandmother also needed care and I came home because I knew in my heart it was what I needed to do.  When I packed up and left Ohio, I didn’t know who I would be taking care of.  It turned out to be my Grandmother.  I was blessed to spend her last months with her.  But now my job here is done.

Just like everyone else, life is hard right now.  Jobs are hard to find.  Bills are hard to pay.   Most of the kids are in are in Ohio so it’s time to go back.  Our close friends are back there too. 

I am going to miss my home state and my family here.  This is where I grew up.  This is the family I grew up with.  Times have changed though.  I have said before that my children are my reason for living.  They are! 

So, no matter what life brings, as a Mom, being with my kids is where I belong.  We are a support system. 

Have you ever heard the analogy of breaking one match stick?  It’s simple enough.  Now hold 9 match sticks together and they aren’t quite as easy to snap.   This is my family…the 9 of us.

…but I will always love and miss my brothers and my family in Texas!


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