Truck Rental Roulette and Turkey

Have you ever moved, doing it all yourself? 

Earlier, I made a reservation for Penske.  They were about half the price of U-Haul.  Now with U-Haul, I can walk about a half a mile to pick the truck up.  U-Haul also has what I always called “Grandma’s Attic” – you know the storage that goes over the cab.  I called U-Haul again tonight.  They almost matched Penske.  Within about $35. 

Well, when the light bulb came on today, I should have just turned it right back off.  Inching for extra inches, I spent almost 40 minutes on the phone.  The poor  young lady.  She was really nice.  But….me….I ask LOTS of questions.  Of course, I forgot two of them so I have been trying to call back.  I guess they don’t want to talk to me again.

Penske has really nice trucks.  But U-Haul almost matched Penske’s price and I get a few more inches.  Plus, did I say I can walk to pick up the U-Haul? 

Well, because I didn’t ask all the questions I need answers to, I still have two – TWO – truck reservations.   Hmmmm….wish I could take both but I have never figured out how to drive two trucks at one time. 

Who in San Antonio would like to come help load a truck on August November 6th?  (Thanks Robert!)   I’m up for making new friends.  The sad part will be leaving the new friendships.  I will even cook a turkey and have fresh turkey sandwiches for a feed.  So, if you like me, don’t like me, need to fulfill community service hours or want to trade work for a turkey sandwich, just send me a comment.  All comments have to be approved so if you add personal information, it will be removed by me prior to allowing the comment.  In other words, I won’t share your personal information.

The above is a sincere request – help is welcome & appreciated!



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