Well, Blow Me Down

I think that’s the term Popeye used!  Well, regardless, it works for me.

My daughter called.  She was full of excitement.  Some of the first words out of her mouth were “I’m so excited <pause> but I don’t know if  you will be.”  Ut-oh!  I hold my breath.  Hurry up!  Spit it out!  Quicker…the suspense is killing me.  Second thought, do I really want to hear this?

“Mom, I have decided to join the Army National Guard!”  She wants to be an MP (Military Police).  My head is spinning.  We talk for a few minutes.  Then I ask her if she realized that with the Guard, she will probably be deployed.  Now let me tell you, as Mom, this does NOT excite me in the least.  For every day two of my boys were deployed, I think I aged a minimum of one year.  That day to year ratio is not too good.  Please understand that none of my children are more important than any of the others.  I love them all.  Do I love them differently?  You bet!  All five are so individual, none of them are close to the same.  So, I cannot love “different”  the same.  But this one hit me a little different. 

I used to call her my one and only.  She is the only girl, the only blue-eyed, the only one born a red-head and now she is the only one taller than 5’12”!  Did I tell you a couple of weeks ago, she called and told me she was having a growing spurt? 

Getting past the shock factor, I do know this  young lady makes me very proud!  What more could a Mom ask for than knowing she raised children who are willing to sacrifice everything for those they love?! 

God, Please Bless My Baby!

I love you Sweet Pea!



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