What, Why and When?

Over the last month, there has not been too much writing on this blog.

There are several reasons besides the stress of fighting off “bugs” and just plain ol’ life.

When this blog started, it was an outlet for me.  In the beginning, I did my best to avoid commenting on  politics and my Christian beliefs.

These are two things that have been a part of my personal background.  But Christmas Day, something happened.  I found  political information that reinforced my Christian beliefs.  During this time, there has been much studying, learning and contemplating; this is just the beginning.

At the age of 9, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  I went to church twice (at least) every Sunday; there were prayer meetings on Wednesday night as well as GA’s (Girl Ambassadors).  Then there were always bible studies, choir practice, and many other church activities; social and learning.

Maybe it will create a better understanding if you know my father was a preacher.  No, I wasn’t really one of the “wild ones”.  My brothers and I had spies who would report our every action.

Over the years, I began to resent the denomination and all the non-christian rules that man made up.  I have cared less about the church that is in a building dictated by man.  As years passed my faith was always with me but it did not grow.

Through my learning, I have never had an understanding and the security that I have now.

It may sound strange, but with barely a penny to my name, unpaid utilities and our country being in distress, there is more comfort, peace and forgiveness in my heart that ever before.

I cannot tell you what I will or will-not say in the future.

If I write something you don’t like or agee with, that’s okay!  You have a God-given right.

God Bless you…

and my sincere heart-felt wish is that you may find the same comfort, peace and forgiveness in your heart.



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