Why So Fast?

It’s really hard to believe but 20 years ago today, Kid #4 was born.  Time has flown and it’s been too fast!

Tonight there will be a birthday dinner.  It’s a tradition.  That’s my busy day.  It’s so hard to believe he is no longer a teenager!  I think I will go cry now.

This has been a “one of a kind” kid in this family.  He was “Cowboy” when he was little.  During my life, I have never believed in reincarnation but Kid #4 had to make me wonder.  By the time he was one year old, he had to have his button-up shirt ironed – along with ironed and creased blue jeans.  (Quite opinionated and insistent!)  He wore his cowboy hat and his boots.   My goodness!  I almost forgot about the belt.  He was not dressed without his belt!  There was nothing about this little guy that wasn’t a cowboy.  He even had a pro rodeo rope and spurs.  I didn’t know where this came from.  In our family, we have never had a “cowboy” that I can recall.  Farmers?  Yes!  Cowboys?  I don’t think so.  Even his idol was Walker, Texas Ranger.

Today, if I bring up those memories he absolutely cringes!  Because of a job, he has to be responsible and he knows what society demands for acceptance.  If he had his way, he would sport a blue mohawk.  Blue?  Ok.  It’s been black with the ends bleached blonde too.  As Mom I had to decide what were priorities.  Hair was hair.  It grows back.  You can change the color back to something that looks normal.  We had an agreement.  He could do what he wanted as long as he wasn’t making a political statement. 

This kid also introduce me to another form of music.  (Five kids, 5 kinds of music.)  It wasn’t anywhere close to country!  Noooo, again, the opposite.  Back to another agreement.  Seems we had a number of agreements between us. 

He has now lived in two opposite worlds by the time he turned twenty.  What a ride! 

As a Mother, I have to say that I am blessed because he is a very good young man. 

The saddest part of this?  I know one month from today that my baby, Kid #5 will be 19.  That leaves me with one year and one month with a teenager.  I’m not quite sure how I feel about that…

Life is full of Sassy Condiments! 

Enjoy each one as you pass through life. 

Some will never repeat themselves!


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