Drag & Draw

The Drag and Draw Gun Vault

I wish it had been available way back when!

The Drag and Draw Gun Vault only opens with your unique fingerprint.   You are able to store 9 (nine) separate prints but my question there is who lets nine people have access to their weapon? 

 Just drag your finger over the sensor and draw.

 Many many moons ago when my youngest two children were babies, I was married to a man who absolutely decided I needed a revolver.  It was a beauty.     I loved it!   Honestly though, I don’t remember what it was but I do remember one of my siblings being very upset that I sold it.  He wanted it. More


Congratulations! ~ but I’m Pouting!

Well, it seems that there is going to be an addition to the family.

Kid #3 has asked this beautiful lady to be his bride, his honey for life.

I am so excited for the two of them because she is almost all he talks about.

Why am I pouting? More

Sassy Promotion

You have met a couple of my kids but I wanted to share,

Kid #2 just received a promotion.  Happiness!  Pure Joy! 

You would think I could twist his arm to get a newer picture!

This one is from his tour of duty several years ago.


He’s a good Kid, sometimes a little goofy and until recently hasn’t taken life too seriously.  Guess having two children of his own and being in the military has changed some of that.  It’s too bad that society thinks we should all grow up.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be a kid again?  Really, no bills, no figuring out what you are having for dinner, no laundry, just a few chores on the weekend?  Spending time out on weekends with the gang, dates and parties.  Sounds nice doesn’t it!  I remember those days.  <sigh>  Do remember those sassy days and create your modern version at every given opportunity.   Believe me, it’s fun!

Just remember to never grow up all the way!  You will miss out on too much!

Have fun and let the Sassy Kid in you show today!

Monday’s Child

According to the old fairy tale,

Sunday’s child is full of grace.

Monday's Child - Kid #4

 Once again, it’s Monday.  Are you fair of face? More

Twinkle Toes?

…well I think that’s what these are!


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