Leg & Foot Cramps

Any of us who spend much time on our feet are often plagued with leg and/or foot cramps.

Some say you need magnesium, some say calcium, you’re dehydrated, and others say it’s an imbalance.

Imbalance is right!  I’m not able to balance very well when a cramp grabs my foot and curls my toes pointing to the heavens! 

Isn’t that called an imbalance?

It doesn’t matter if it’s homemade soap or the “detergent in a bar” that’s called soap.

Except Dial soap.

For some reason, this one does not work.

Carrying slivers or the hotel sized bars of soap in pants or jacket pockets has been known to help people who have cramps in the daytime.

The standard rule of thumb is to put a bar of soap under your fitted sheet near your feet.  My method is to just toss it in around my legs in the bed.  If I feel a cramp wanting to take over my sanity and all rational thinking I just move the bar of soap closer to the cramp devil.

If I put the soap under the sheet at the bottom of the bed, I usually find it has fallen over the edge when I need it.   No help there!  For the longest time, I could not keep soap in the bed, and for the life of me, could not figure out where it was going. 

The little white furry kid had a stash under the bed. 

Maybe he was having paw cramps?


I know, you are rolling your eyes, and you probably thinking I am some kind of a nut job! 

No doubt!  This sounds more than bizarre!  Over the top!

You’re right.  There is absolutely nothing to scientifically back this up.

For “your’s truly”, this works for both muscle and tendon cramps.  The tendon cramps are a little slower leaving but it works!

If you have leg/foot cramps, this is an inexpensive experiment.  If it doesn’t work, go back to your old methods of hopping around, running hot water over your leg, or screaming while you beat on your spouse.  Better still, I hope you don’t have leg or foot cramps!


Foot Soak for Tired Feet

Did you have a long day on your feet?  Well, here is a simple tried and true foot soak that will help to bring life back into those 10 little piggies toes.


Funky Sleep

Last night, the body was so so willing to sleep but the mind just didn’t wanna’ go there.   So I watched part of a strange movie, not scary but I can’t tell you if I liked it or not since I really just wanted to go to sleep.  I know, I know, you’re not supposed to have the boob tube  while trying to fall asleep.  I just didn’t want to stare at the ceiling in the dark. Finally, after an hour or so, it happened!  Sleep!  Deep, blissful, wonderful sleep.  What a magical time.  All was finally wonderful in my own little world…then…then…

No, no, no, not the one on the left,

the little furry white kid on the right broke the blissful silence.  More

Sassy Condiments

When I originally named this blog, I had in mind the fun and tantalizing condiments we eat on our food.  There are so many variations of even just one condiment, let’s say mustard.  You know the list; yellow mustard, honey mustard, Dijon, fruit mustard, wine mustard, beer mustard, mustard, mustard, mustard!  Have you ever stopped to think about how would life be without mustard, much less all the other delightful condiments?

After pondering this, I decided that life itself is spiced with condiments, the little things in life that spice up our day.

In December, my 92 year old Grandmother moved in with us.  She is no longer able to take care of herself.  The Sassy Condiment in life since then has been the dementia and Alzheimer’s slowly trying to make their appearance.  I would call this a Sassy Condiment, sassy being the key word here.

Neither disease is something we look forward to but it does give the taste of life a new flavor.  We learn to take this new condiment and work with it.  When you are going through recipes and you find a condiment that sounds intriguing, you then have to decide what to do with it.  How are you going to serve it? What will be the best meat or veggie to go with this?  Well, daily we are trying to decide just how to do this with the Sassy Condiments we have been given.

Enough for the dementia and Alzheimer’s for now.  This blog is about life, recipes, the ups and downs, the crazy, zany delightful thing called life and everything in it.

Welcome to my world and I hope you enjoy your visits.  I can promise some days will be top of the world and others will be the pits.   Just remember, not all condiments are created equal.


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