2 for 1

Love it!

…and I am truly glad you like the Espresso Marshmallows.

Thanks Roger!

In the event you are wondering what that is about, Roger received a package of Espresso Marshmallows because I needed to borrow his taste buds!  You see, Roger is an Espresso expert!  So I needed the best in the biz!  Remember Roger?  He is Moto Espresso in California.

Check out what Roger had to say about the Espresso Marshmallows!  It’s under the comment and you can find it by clicking here!

Second on the Agenda today…

The other day I said that I wanted to bring you The Vendor’s Bible at a lesser cost to you.  That has been really bugging me because I know everyone has to watch their penny spending.

On that note, The VENDOR’s Bible will now be available in an electronic format.  Each form will be personalized for you and your business alone.  This reduces my cost and in turn allows you to print the form(s) you need when you want them. 

If you have specific needs, we will address those together before the files are sent to you.

Highly Customized

Individualized for you and your business!

Check it out here!

2 Days Only!

Special Pricing for The VENDOR’s Bible


New Lower Shipping Price $12.00

Price good thru midnight PST, September 26, 2010


Here is another comment from The Dog Hut

September 18, 2010
Hey girl!

I hope you have gotten a few sales from your book… I FREAKING LOVE MINE!!!

The method of shipment is now USPS, the reason for the new lower rate.

I am going to be perfectly honest with you.  I really do wish I could offer this to you at a lower price but in order to give you the quality of product that you deserve, I have yet to find another way.

You do receive quality.

You receive personalized attention.

You receive personalized forms.

The Vendors Bible 

click here to order

Tooting My Own Horn …Now a Duet!

Don’t you just love it when you can

“toot your own horn”?


Thanks to wonderful feed-back from the 1st order of The Vendor’s Bible, the Hot Dog version, I am now one half of a duet.

Here is what the owner of The Dog Hut had to say:


I wanted to let you know that I just received my Vendors Bible.  I am SOOO impressed with the amount of work that went into making this available.  Something like this has been needed for a long time!  I can not wait to start utilizing it and making it work for me!  I now can be organized and planned out much better!  No more writing on pieces of paper just to lose them or “guesstimating” or trying to go off memory!!!  This is WONDERFUL!!!  We all run a business – this is a great tool to help us stay on track and keep up with what we have.  No vendor business should be without this!!  You have thought of everything!!  THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN 🙂 “

You have to realize that even though my age says I am “all grown up”, there are parts of me that never will…grow up, that is.  Let’s face it, I think most of us are that way.

The real joy for me is knowing that the fruits of my labor make life simpler or more organized ~ or both for someone else.

As you review The VENDOR’S Bible, remember that each version will be unique in that your personal and business needs are individualized.  You do not receive a product that comes a one-size-fits-all mentality.

Visit The VENDOR’S Bible by clicking here.

Remember the one time low price through September 26, 2010.

The HOT DOG Vendor’s Bible has Arrived


since the Hot Dog Cart!


Enter Here



Coming This Weekend!

The Hot Dog Vendor’s Bible

~  available this weekend!  ~

I am very proud of this product because if will make the life of each vendor more manageable.

Have everything you need at your fingertips.

  • Keep your contracts handy
  • When did the Health Department last inspect your business?
  • Was it a surprise inspection?
  • Supplier contact information at a glance

and more…

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