Basic Potato Soup with a Twist

Not so long ago, Basic Potato Soup was on the menu.

Well, in the midst of all that has been going on and the fact that I found a 50 pound bag of potatoes for just under $13, it happened again.

After so many meals of left over potato soup, it was time for a change.  Then again, with funds being on the tight side, nothing is going to waste.

Here is the twist!

With about 4 cups of Basic Potato Soup left, what to do…

One night last week after being tired from lugging boxes into the house, it was a quick dinner.  I took a pound of hamburger meat, added onions, fried it up, drained and simmered in barbecue sauce and slapped that on a bun.  Sustenance dining at its best.  The leftovers were put in the freezer.

Last night, wanting a change from potato soup, I took out this small package of meat, somewhere between 1/3 to 1/2 pound of barbecue meat.  Threw it in the potato soup. 

The night before, it was breakfast burritos for dinner.  The leftovers from this were handful of home style hash browns and a small handful of sausage, into the soup it went with a little parsley. 

After the soup was heated, it was garnished with extra sharp cheddar cheese.

This thickened the soup and changed it to more of a chowder.

Barbeque Potato Soup…an interesting but good  change!

Just remember, use your imagination when  you have leftovers!  Dove-tailing can provide some interesting results and you may create a new dish.   (Here is a blurb about Dove-Tailing from June.)

Just be Sassy and Go-For-It! 


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