The Gift of Giving

Tis the Season…

As we approach Christmas, the spirit of giving seems to awaken within our hearts.

The Wild Dog has embraced this spirit in their community.  The Wild Dog is taking donations for gently used and new clothing this week from 11-4 daily at their trailer.  These treasures will be donated to one of two churches in the community in hopes of helping others to stay warm and enjoy the season in ways that otherwise might have not been possible.

It’s easy to go about our daily lives and think of the events that go wrong.  It’s easy to wallow in our own misery.  But I’ve been reminded from time to time that if we take the problems of others and toss them in a heap, we will gladly take back our own problems.

This is the season to hustle and bustle, attending parties, planning for company, shopping and just hoping for a moment alone because your calendar is too full.  It’s unfortunate there are others who are wondering how to provide the basics.

If charity has not crossed your mind this year or if you are looking for new ways to help others, check out Ben’s (of Ben’s Carts) article by clicking here.

Are you operating your street food business this winter?  How are you giving back to your community?  It warms my heart to know what others are doing to give back to their town.  Please let me know and I will share your story.


Last Day to Vote

Saturday is the last day to vote for The Great Food Truck Race.

If you are voting for Jaye

text Ft247 to 66789 


Good Luck Jaye!



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The Wild Dog is on the Run!




The Wild Dog is loose and on the run!

The Food Truck Nominations are in from the Great Food Truck Race More

The Wild Dog Update

This is a Seriously Awesome update!

This information has been updated on The Wild Dog feature page.

The Wild Dog now how has eye-catching graphics.

Remember, if you see The Wild Dog, stop for a

Dog that Snaps and say hi from Sassy!

The Wild Dog

 The Wild Dog


 Specializing in Gourmet Hot Dogs


You can find The Wild Dog serving up lunch during the day and serving gourmet dogs to the late night crowd.

The Wild Dog would be honored to cater your next party.

No event too big or small.

We specialize in grand openings, car dealerships, yard sales, flea markets, graduation parties, block parties, school functions, indoor & outdoor parties.

Regardless of the event, The Wild Dog will make it memorable.

Please keep in mind that we do serve the late night crowd.

If you would like to see us at your favorite location, please let us know.

If we can work out an agreement with the owners, we will be happy to stop on by.


 mustard, onions & pulled pork


The Bison Dog

The Wild Dog

The Wild Dog

Your Name: Jaye

Location:  300 Club House Road, Hunt Valley, Maryland

Your Specialty:  Home of the Hit Man Hot Dog

Phone Number:  (410) 718-2400


Twitter Address:


The Urban Spoon:

Face Book Name:

Normal Hours of Operation:  11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Do you cater?  YES


If you visit The Wild Dog, please tell about your experience in the comment section!

Click on the coupon for a print friendly page. 

Be sure to take this on your 1st visit to The Wild Dog!


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