The Hot Dog Vendors Gift Guide

Christmas is just around the corner.  Have you finished all your shopping for your favorite Hot Dog Vendor?  If not, here are a few ideas to get you started.  If you think you have, check again, you may have missed something important.

You know someone who is desperately wanting to go into the Hot Dog Biz.  Here are solutions for your gift buying this year from the Vendor-to-be, all the way down the line to the Vendor-Who-Has-Everything.


Hot Dog Profits (click here)

For the basics of the wanna-be, check out the plans to build your own hot dog cart.  Steve has done a wonderful job of explaining step-by-step of how to build your cart with easy to follow DVD’s.  The cost is only $93.89 (sale price) for the Platinum package.  This is a wealth of information.


Ben’s Carts (click here)

Learn the amazing hot business for free.  Be sure to check out his 2011 line-up of carts featuring the All New Pro Dog.


Vendor Approved Menu Board (click here)

Every Hot Dogger needs a way to advertise their specials or list their menu.  This is a great menu board.  Professionally printed boards are beautiful too but his gives the vendor the option of changing their menu, specialties and prices.  Don’t forget the markers!


Chip Clip Rack (click here)

This is one time you will need to know a little more about the vendor’s preferences.  This 32 clip strip chip rack sits on the counter.  There are others that also hang from the umbrella.  This particular rack is only $19.95


9′ Commercial Grade Umbrella (click here)

An umbrella is a necessity since most or all Health Departments require the food service area must be covered.  This one is  designed with fiberglass ribs to help this umbrella endure stronger winds than the aluminum.  This may be a winner for your favorite vendor unless they live in an area with tornado-like winds.



Warm Gear 12v Heated Motorcycle Socks (click here)

Know a Hot Dogger who is working outside in the cold weather?  Help keep them warm.  If your toes are cold, your whole body is cold.  Help him/her stay warm!


Hot Dog Enamel Charm, 14k Yellow Gold (click here)

This is for the woman who has everything…almost! 


Have a Sassy time shopping for your favorite Hot Dog Vendor!



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