Tough Times Call for New Measures

I know you would be utterly shocked if I told you we are living in a tight economy.  <wink – wink>

Here is an article that may help you out if your street vending business has been suffering.  For you, I hope you are doing well but you need to remember that you do have options.

“…By far, the majority of your customers are in the lower 80% income level, people like you and me.  Many still attend fairs because it’s tradition, a once-a-year event.  They DO reduce their spending.

 Food is one of the top three reasons people go to any and every event. 

 In tough times people are more selective in what they buy.  As vendors, this means we must be more selective in what we serve.  Old standards like funnel cakes, elephant ears, and chicken-on-a-stick will always sell, but with less money in the pot, and every other booth in the fair selling them, more of us will fall into the failing economy pile, go out of business, or become unemployed.”

“…Street vendors may want to increase value by offering more for the same price.  We are limited to our buying sources but we can upgrade their experience.  Most businesses cut back on service or product offered to save money in though times.  Many of these companies fail!  Big box stores and dollar stores thrive because people view what they offer as a value – more bang for their buck.”

Click here to view the complete article.  I just wanted to share some of the highlights.  It is very informative and thought-provoking.



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