Yank’s Franks…At It Again!

Yesterday, George and Janice launched a new website.

I love it!  It’s clean, easy to read and easy to navigate.  I especially enjoyed reading the menu.  It too is simple but with different offerings than I have seen other places.  Someone will have to tell me what the Madhouse Munchies Chips are ’cause I’m dying to know.

To George and Janice – I would love to try your signature Root Beer!  Seeing your buns – that is , hot dog buns – it’s the first time I have seen the New England bun and wanted to taste it.  It looks scrumptious!

I do see they are open daily from May through October. I’m not sure if they have different hours during the winter or if they go south to stay warm.  Either way, the dogs and the menu look delish!  If you are ever in the area, you may want to give them a try.  Tell ‘m Sassy sent you.

Be sure to check out Yank’s Franks new website by clicking here.

NOTE:  Do you have an update to your website or street food business?  Let me know.  I will be happy to update the information for you and  share your street food business with the world!  Well, maybe not all the world but the last time I looked, there have been visitors to Sassy Condiments from forty-four countries.  Believe me when I say I was in awe!

Yank’s Franks


Yank’s Franks

Drawn in by the Yank’s Franks blog about an entrepreneur (and future hot dogger) detailing, from start to finish, the trials and tribulations of establishing a “Hot Dog Joint” I am straying from my usual review of Street Food.

Yank’s Franks actually began as a dream of George and Janice Yankowski more than 25 years ago while living in Connecticut just outside of New York.  The inspiration to serve great hot dogs arose from the many wonderful hot dog joints in the area. More


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