No, today is not my birthday!


But we all seem to have one every year.


Yesterday, someone very special to me had a birthday.  As we were talking on the phone,  Mr. Birthday didn’t like the idea of getting older.  Of course, who does!  That’s rhetorical..unless you are younger than twenty-one.  At twenty you are desperately waiting for “being legal”.

As he and I discussed, there is only one other alternative.  That one just happens to be much worse than getting older.

Remember being young and you could hardly wait for a birthday?  Who would you invite to your party?  How many presents would you get?  Were you going to get that most thought of present?  Oh, you just waited — and not patiently either.

After you reach 40, the birthdays really shouldn’t happen any more!  No more getting older!  I have to like my Grandmother’s philosophy on this one:  “No more birthdays, just present days!”

The best presents in the world to me are my children, family, loved ones and friends.  It’s not what you put in a box wrapped with pretty paper and ribbons. 

The chicks are out of the nest and I miss their birthday celebrations.  We always had Birthday Weeks for the chicks.  That was fun.  A special dinner.  A special friend to spend the night.  Birthday Week was just a special week for the Birthday person to have liberties that were not as often indulged.  Birthdays now are a time to reflect and think of the day as another Thanks-Giving…Giving Thanks that my life is so full of the presents I receive every day.

But believe you me!  I am not aging one year for every thankful day!  No way is that happening!

So if your birthday is today, yesterday,

tomorrow or any other day,


I am wishing you a

Blessed and Sassy Happy Birthday!


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