No Internet…Almost

For over 15 hours, there was something amiss with my internet.

Don’t know what, so I’ll just blame it on the cloud cover we had.  Thunderstorms rolled through and things just weren’t the same for a while.

Believe it or not, I had a connection but the speed was so low none of the pages would load; with one exception.

Evidently Skype uses low-bandwidth. What a great way to connect to people.

Have you ever tried Skype?  All I have is the “freebie” account.  You can chat to anyone who has an account.  Also, if you have a microphone and speaker on your computer (internal or external) you can talk – just like on the phone.  There is even video conferencing…all for free.

Have a Sassy Day

Hoping you alway have a way to stay connected!


Blessings to All

Today was a full day! So much to accomplish by 3 pm.

This was the magical time four of the kids plus two lovely ladies and one adopted Kid, were supposed to arrive.  I guess their watches were about a half an hour slow but it was well worth it!

There was so much love, laughter and magic in the air.  The magic?  The one day of year when politics are not allowed in conversation.  We laugh, we connect.  We often hear the phrase “the reason for the season”; the celebration of the birth of Christ.  What a beautiful season!

There is something magical that happens in our hearts.  We tend to forget the pain and problems of the past 12 months, focusing on love and joy. 

Tonight, my life has been blessed by the love of my children, family and friends.

No matter where you are or what you have been going through, remember the love and the joy.

Blessings to All today, tomorrow and forever!

Merry Christmas to All and a Sassy Good Night!

Show Love & Support

Budweiser has some of the

most amazing commercials.

As a Mom, a friend and a wife, this has to be my favorite.

Stand behind those you love.

Remember to be Sassy and

show your unbridled support!

Sassy Promotion

You have met a couple of my kids but I wanted to share,

Kid #2 just received a promotion.  Happiness!  Pure Joy! 

You would think I could twist his arm to get a newer picture!

This one is from his tour of duty several years ago.


He’s a good Kid, sometimes a little goofy and until recently hasn’t taken life too seriously.  Guess having two children of his own and being in the military has changed some of that.  It’s too bad that society thinks we should all grow up.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be a kid again?  Really, no bills, no figuring out what you are having for dinner, no laundry, just a few chores on the weekend?  Spending time out on weekends with the gang, dates and parties.  Sounds nice doesn’t it!  I remember those days.  <sigh>  Do remember those sassy days and create your modern version at every given opportunity.   Believe me, it’s fun!

Just remember to never grow up all the way!  You will miss out on too much!

Have fun and let the Sassy Kid in you show today!


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