Hello to All

It’s been awhile since I have written. Hopefully I will be here on a more regular basis.

Life has changed so very much. I have moved back to Texas and I did not bring my old life with me.

Job seeking is the primary goal at this point and has been for several months.

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer full of blessings, joy, and love.

The Last Summer Fling

Labor Day is almost here.  It’s time for the last summer fling.  The kids are back in school, the weather may some day cool and the leaves begin to fall.

It’s that long weekend that we have one last chance to end the summer with a special event.  Many will be traveling cross-country to see friends and relatives, others may stay closer to home.  You may go to the mountains or to the shore.  Maybe you will play horseshoes or build a bon fire.  Remember, it’s the last summer fling. More

Help! Stuck in a rut and need your help!

Today for a Sunday Question, I would like to know what you and yours like to eat on a hot summer day for your evening meal.

Someone, somewhere over the years stated that the normal household has only 10 meals that rotate throughout their repertoire.  Most of my life I have prided myself that this is not the case.  Well, this is one of those times, I am most definitely stuck in a rut. More


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