It’s Not You!

For the last two days, life has been a little on the tough side so this is a very difficult article to write.  There is an issue that has cropped up in my life and it did not settle well.  Evidently it wasn’t enough for me to move 1/2 way across the United States, I needed a new issue!

After doing much research and speaking with a doctor, I found out it is not about being a dirty person.  Dr. Elrod said this is something you can contract by brushing up against someone’s coat or just by shaking hands.  It has taken some mental and emotional adjustments to come to this realization.  The one piece of knowledge that solidified this in my mind is knowing that there is a problem in other school districts over a thousand miles away; a city I haven’t been to in almost three years.

Okay, you are probably wondering where I am going this.  No, it’s not lice.  Try scabies.  In case you don’t know, scabies is a human mite.  The female burrows under the skin and lays eggs.  It causes extreme itching and flea-looking bites in the beginning.  The next thought was that they were chicken pox because there was an almost blister looking top.  If left untreated, these little irritants can last for several months.

The doctor wrote a prescription for Elmite which is the brand name for Permethrin.  After researching, I have found Permethrin is a pesticide!  I don’t know about you, but I chose not to saturate my skin with a pesticide!  There are three prescription treatments that or have been common over the years.

1.  Premethrin = pesticide

2.  Lindane = causes seizures and other complications; banned by many countries other than the USA.

3.  Malathion = once Malathion is absorbed into the body it metabolizes into Malaoxon.  Though it’s stated that Malathion is less toxic, once it converts to Malaoxon, it is a serious health risk.

Being me, there had to be other options.  YES!!!  There are natural options.

Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) was/is my course of action.

There are other varieties of Tea Tree Oil but Melaleuca alternifolia has the best purported healing properties.   Here is what I am doing and seems to be working very well for me!

1.  Place 20 drops of Tea Tree Oil in warm to hot bath water and bathe for 20-30 minutes twice a day.

2.  Use 10 drops of MMS in a small dish.  Add 40 drops of fresh lemon juice.  Stir and wait for 3 minutes to activate.  Add 1/2 teaspoon DMSO and 1 Tablespoon water.  Rub down your body with this solution after you have towel dried.

3.  Allow 15-30 minutes to pass then place Tea Tree Oil on a swab or cotton ball and dab onto the bites.  The instructions I read said to do this twice a day.  Every time I have an itch, I have been applying the Tea Tree Oil.  Just doing my best to stay ahead of these little parasites.

4.  This treatment must be continued for 3 weeks. 

5.  Use a steamer has been used on my carpet, furniture and mattress.  This will be ongoing daily until there is no more outbreak.

6.  Wash all clothing and bedding in the house in hot water, and dry using HIGH heat.

7.  If you have an item that cannot withstand this treatment, I have read the item can be placed in the freezer.  The duration was not stated but I would surmise it would have to be for an equivalent of a hard winter freeze.

8.  All family and friends should be treated.

It also seems the Tea Tree Oil kills the parasite and the eggs.  In 24 hours, there has been tremendous relief.  It has also been relieving the itch and swelling.

I pray to God you do not have to go through this.  If you do, please remember, you may be the cleanest person on the face of the earth and you can still contract the mites. 

Here are some sites for more information:

Where I purchsed the products I used:


DMSO – you can get a Health Food stores but I purchased for much less money at Tractor Supply

Tea Tree Oil – I purchased on ebay from this company


Quit Scratching!


DISCLAIMER:  I am NOT a doctor and I am not telling you what to do, nor am I giving advice.  I am only telling you what I am doing that is working for me!


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