Shaving Cream

How many uses are there for

Shaving Cream?

The most logical is:  <drum roll> …shaving!

Now that that one is out of the way, do you know some of the others?

Bathroom Mirrors:  Clean your bathroom mirrors with shaving cream to keep them from fogging up.

Carpet:  Squirt shaving cream on the spot.  Scrub it with a brush.  Wipe it off with a damp cloth. Blot dry with a dry clean towel.  (Spot-test behind a door or in a closet first.)

Fingernail Polish Remover:  Remove the spilled fingernail polish off clothing, carpet, etc. More

Drag & Draw

The Drag and Draw Gun Vault

I wish it had been available way back when!

The Drag and Draw Gun Vault only opens with your unique fingerprint.   You are able to store 9 (nine) separate prints but my question there is who lets nine people have access to their weapon? 

 Just drag your finger over the sensor and draw.

 Many many moons ago when my youngest two children were babies, I was married to a man who absolutely decided I needed a revolver.  It was a beauty.     I loved it!   Honestly though, I don’t remember what it was but I do remember one of my siblings being very upset that I sold it.  He wanted it. More

Easy Out! Touvit Forte!

This is not the site for commercials but…I have to tell you about an awesome product!

About six months ago, I managed to track engine grease in the house on my light beige carpet.  I have absolutely NO CLUE as to how it got on the bottom of my shoes but I am the culprit.

The wise-one that I am, I searched the internet to find out what would remove engine grease from carpet.  You will probably not believe this but WD-40 worked miracles…for a short time.  More


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